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4 Important Life Lessons We Learned From Chanel Couture

The Chanel couture spring 2018 show, the most spectacular and extravagant celebration of fashion, took place on Tuesday in Paris. As usual, Karl Lagerfeld had a lengthy vision for this season — 69-looks-long, to be exact — but it was by no means a meandering one. The runway saw twinsets in a multitude of vivid floral colors, double-breasted coats over structured frocks with an exaggerated skirt, and outfits toughened up with fingerless leather gloves and patent ankle boots — all of which, tweedier than the next, were built around four very specific details, making Lagerfeld's latest offering oddly...conceptual?

But allow us to break it down for you. According to Karl Lagerfeld, there are four important things your next fancy outfit needs to have. Because we may not be able to afford couture, but we never met a little bit of tulle we didn't like. And we'll never be ones to turn down glamour, darling!

1. Your head should be as formally attired as the rest of you.
All the models wore elaborate headpieces that were like tiny formal gowns on their own. A centerpiece-worthy floral arrangement sat directly on top of their heads. From this plush poof, multiple layers of tulle flowed freely, shrouding the models' faces in mystery, but also celebration.

Photo: Stephane Cardinale/Corbis/Getty Images.

2. Bags are out! Pockets are in!
We've been saving our pennies to one day get the classic Chanel quilted bag, but turns out maybe we can use that money elsewhere because not a single model carried a bag down the runway! Can you believe it? A whopping 32 models (yes we counted), had their hands in their pockets. Maybe the whole collection was also a subtle ode to Alanis Morissette?

Photo: Dominique Charriau/WireImage.

3. Your shoes must perfectly match your outfit.
Sure, you probably think you have a lot of shoes, but do you even have a pair of shoes that exactly match the fabric of every particular outfit? It's not enough to sorta-match the general colors or vibes of whatever you're wearing. This is a full-on commitment! This is next-level luxury and we are here for it. Maybe we can take that money we were saving for a bag and invest it in a wardrobe of Chanel boots! I mean, can we talk about the lucite wedges? We're obsessed.

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images.

4. "The end of dress codes, pink/blue pants/skirts, right here."
Traditionally the last look of a runway show is always La Mariée, or the bride; a tradition which Lagerfeld has been faithfully upholding throughout the decades. This season, the look is a perfect reflection of the current discussions around gender-neutral clothing: an all-white tuxedo with an over-the-top glamorous feathered skirt and voluminous sleeves. Who's going to be the celeb that rocks this look — maybe in all-black — at the Oscars? Our money's on Sharon Stone.

Photo: Peter White/Getty Images.

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