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WTF is #bonnetcore?

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Bonnets—the favoured headdress of babies, flying nuns and Mennonites—have become fashion’s latest It item. And for that you can thank #bonnetcore, a new hashtag crafted by Brooklyn artist Molly Soda, which is now dominating the Instagram feeds of fashion’s weird elite. Why bonnets? After spending the morning creeping various IG feeds, I can only surmise the following: Cultural appropriation is being turned on its head. In the wake of Cornrow Gate and others like it, maybe it’s time that the most vanilla headgear of all time be taken for a spin? That, and they look quite nice with a summer pastel.

I’ve already extolled the virtues of bonnet-wearer Lily Rose Depp, but maybe I should have meant that literally—what’s more virtuous than making the signature headgear of nuns fashionable?

Next up: Wimples.

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