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Why You Need to Follow @topshelfieillustrated on Instagram

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Since we’re always on the hunt for new beauty peeps to follow on Instagram, we decided to start a series highlighting some of our fave under-the-radar accounts. Every week, we’ll feature a new person whose beauty-filled Insta account we just can’t get enough of. Know someone we should follow? Tag us @fashioncanada.

Who: Lauren Johnstone, Illustrator

Instagram handle: @topshelfieillustrated

Why you should follow her: Her illustrations of beauty products and top shelves (read: pretty vanities and bathroom mirrors) are gorgeous and are based on actual Instagrams, which she tags in the captions. We talked to Johnstone about her account, which btw, is less than three months old! Read our interview below.

When did you start @topshelfieillustrated and how did you come up with the idea?
I started in June 2017 and the idea really stemmed from Into The Gloss‘s #topshelfie hashtag. I was already drawing beauty products and I thought it would be cool to draw people’s pictures. I first started with @sofieuh and then [went] from there.

What do you do other than run the account?
My degree is in PR so I do freelance PR and social media on the side.

How do you do your illustrations?
I mostly use my iPad and Apple pen on the app Procreate.

How do you decide what you’re going to draw?
I’m strongly influenced by my followers, by what’s new and current, by what they’re loving and what I’m loving.

How did you grow your following?
I can’t lie, I have absolutely no idea. I think a combination of engaging with my followers and marketing my drawings to brands helped grow my following so fast. I’ve had so much love and attention over the past two months, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster.

Do you have a favourite drawing that you’ve done?
I absolutely adore the perfume print I just designed for my shop and can’t wait to see it in people’s homes.

What are your goals for @topshelfieillustrated?
I dream of collaborating with a brand on some limited edition packaging. That’s what I’d really love. Oh and to hit 10,000 followers wouldn’t be too bad either.

Check out our favourite @topshelfieillustrated ‘grams below.

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