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Why Karen Elson Is the Ideal Jo Malone London Girl

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With her flaming hair, milky complexion and unconventional looks, British model Karen Elson has been able to transcend her late ’90s rise in fashion to become one of the industry’s lasting stars. Though she now lives far from that world with her two kids in Nashville, Elson remains in demand, still showing up in campaigns and and making appearances such as Versace’s couture show this past July and Bottega Veneta’s Spring 2017 show.

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Now she’s been tapped to be a Jo Malone London Girl. Elson first discovered the British fragrance brand when she was staying at a hotel in Beverly Hills and a friend sent over a basket of products. “I was hooked from the start,” she says. “The packaging was so elegant, simple and chic.” In her new role, Elson gets to share her love for all things Jo by sending personalized gifts to friends and hosting scented dinners and parties. Um, not a bad gig.

Though she has her personal favourites to wear—Wild Bluebell, as it reminds her of her picking the bloom in the spring as a child—Elson is a fan of using scent in her home. “I’m obsessed with the Green Tomato Leaf Home Candle. It’s especially great for the kitchen; it smells really clean and fresh.” She keeps the Red Roses Scent Surround Diffuser in her bedroom or living room and likes to light candles an hour before guests arrive. “It really helps set the mood.” A singer as well, Elson wears the Velvet Rose & Oud Dry Body Oil when she’s on stage. “It’s got a sensual, sultry feel to it.” But being a English girl at heart, she has a special fondness for Wood Sage & Sea Salt (“It reminds me of the English seaside—rocky and bracing!”) and feels at home when inhaling any of the rose-based scents. “There’s nothing more English than a rose.”

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