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Who’s Playing Who in Disney’s Most Anticipated Remakes

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Walt Disney’s music-filled animated movies played a big role in our childhoods. Decades later, Disney has begun rebooting their iconic films, filling theatres with nostalgic millennials and a new wave of Mouse House fanatics. From Cinderella to The Jungle Book to Beauty and Beast, audiences can’t help but smile as they watch their favourite fairytales brought to life.

Which is why we’re thrilled that Disney’s live-action list continues to grow with more than a dozen movies in the works. And with Disney’s killer track record, it’s no surprise that the who’s who of Hollywood is getting on board.

This past weekend, Disney’s D3 expo in California had Twitter in a frenzy with Internet-breaking news. The hotly discussed Aladdin cast was finally released, a jaw-dropping photo-real clip from The Lion King was screened and we got our first look at Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins.

It’s a whole lot of excitement, especially when you realize we’re still years away from seeing most of these movies on the big screen. But hey, you can never be too ready right? From Emma Stone to Reese Witherspoon, here’s a round up of Disney’s future films and the A-Listers confirmed to star in the new gen classics.

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