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Who’s coming to TIFF 2015?

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It’s happening. TIFF has announced its 2015 lineup, and with it, the actors we hope will be gracing our fair city with their glamorous presences.

We live for this. You, me, them — the barista who served you coffee this morning. (Especially that barista.) If any event could encapsulate the sentiment of “In this moment, I swear we are infinite,” it is TIFF and its slew of attendees and the many nights most of us will linger outside of hotels we can’t possibly afford just to be able to tell our friends, “I totally saw Paul Dano.” (Which I did. Thanks for coming out.)

So to help you begin the intense planning process, here’s who should be in Toronto from September 10-20, 2015 as well as how we plan to categorize them.

The actor who’s Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy

The man who might show up in Taylor Swift’s scarf
Jake Gyllenhaal

The man who knocks
Bryan Cranston

The crew who’ll end all dialogue with, “ACT-ING!
Michael Shannon
Adrian Brody
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Johnny Depp

The women we’ll spend 50% of the festival screaming, “Why can’t I be you?!” at
Helen Mirren
Julianne Moore
Jessica Chastain
Kristen Wiig
Salma Hayek
Maggie Smith

My actual best friends
Emma Watson
Emily Blunt

The lunch table we’re 84% sure would befriend us due to our wit/charm/but mainly wit
Aaron Paul
Steve Carrell
Bill Hader
Ron Perlman
Maya Rudolph

The guys we’ll try desperately to hide our crushes on (and fail miserably)
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Donald Glover
Chris O’Dowd
Michael Pena
Jeremy Irvine
Eddie Redmayne
Gael Garcia Bernal
Ben Whishaw
Liev Schrieber

The only people who might be able to tell us what True Detective was about this season
Colin Farrell
Rachel McAdams

The guy we’ll spend several nights just trying to hug
Mark Ruffalo

The Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch

The family we’ll ask to narrate our menu for us
Donald Sutherland
Kiefer Sutherland

The guy who’s the captain now
Barkhad Abdi

The squad whose style praise we’ll go to great lengths to score
Naomi Watts
Demi Moore
Alicia Vikander
Greta Gerwig

The older dudes we feel justified in having crushes on back when we were wee baby teens
Chris Cooper
Alan Rickman
Dustin Hoffman
Christopher Plummer
Benecio Del Toro
Stanley Tucci

The woman we’ll have drinks with in a dive bar with while she fills us in Leonardo DiCaprio
Kate Winslet

The gang we’re totally best friends with because they looked our way that one time
Ellen Page
Kate Mara
Saoirse Ronan
Juno Temple
Brie Larson

The guy who bought a zoo
Matt Damon

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