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WARNING: Creepy Clown Children Have Taken Over Toronto


Hump day sucks. But do you know what makes it suck even more? Stumbling over headless, floating children on your Wednesday morning commute.

Sorry Toronto: if you plan on sleeping tonight, I advise avoiding the downtown area.

This isn't creepy at all. #wheresgeorgieto

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The city has been littered with these red balloon carrying, rainstorm ready children — and let’s be honest guys, they are creepy AF. Which, you know, I guess is kind of the point.

The tiny monsters are a marketing stunt for Stephen King’s new movie, It, which premieres in theatres September 7. The movie, filmed primarily in Toronto, follows seven children as they are terrorized by a nightmarish clown named Pennywise, played by IRL hottie Bill Skarsgard. If you don’t value your sanity, you can watch the trailer for the horror film below.

How was it? Scream worthy? I’m too scared to watch — but I assume it’s terrifying. Apparently, the horror movie is causing so much buzz that it’s causing legitimate clowns to lose work. According to the World Clown Association (this is a real thing), the clowning industry is put at serious financial jeopardy by King’s film: “We were really blindsided,” W.C.A. president Pam Moody tells the Hollywood Reporter, “We’ve since created a press kit to prepare clowns for the movie coming out.” They have a press release campaigning against scary clowns, and I highly suggest you read it.

While the Clown Association preps for the oncoming spike in coulrophobia (a.k.a. clown fear), Warner Brothers’ is busy scaring the crap out of potential movie goers.

Stay away from the sewers. #WheresGeorgieTO #ITMovie

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There’s one bit of good news here: Toronto’s terror has a name (and a contest). If you spot Georgie in the city, post a photo using the hashtag #WheresGeorgieTO for a chance to win a private screening of the It movie. Personally, I’d rather stand on Bay street holding a red balloon for 12 hours than sit through the film. But hey, that’s just me.

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