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This 10-Year-Old’s Superhero Drawing is Winning the Internet

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We didn’t need Wonder Woman to tell us little girls need their own superheroes — we needed Janet, a Deadpool-esque heroine who shuts down bullies and misogynists with her stick arm. If she doesn’t like you, she. will. cut. you.

Janet was introduced to the world on Monday, when writer Amanda Mancino tweeted a piece of art created by her 10-year-old daughter, Luca. Luca’s art camp assignment was to create a new superhero — and boy did she she deliver.

Meet Janet: she has green skin, a large cutting device, and a very on trend red bandana. A description of Janet’s skills reads: “Janet cuts people in half with giant scissors. (She’s a hero only to herself.)”

After sharing the perfect (albeit somewhat nightmarish) photo, Twitter collectively fell in love with the unlikely superhero. There’s witty jokes, there’s cosplay, and there’s a LOT of fan art.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Luca offered this intro for a potential Janet book:

The Earth is filled to the brim with bullies. People everywhere have stopped sticking up for each other. There’s a jerk around every corner. The world is cold. The will to be strong is fading. And somebody needs to put that right. Janet. From a world outside our own, Janet is coming.

Has Marvel contacted Luca yet? Janet needs her own comic book — and action figure, and TV series, and movie franchise. We did get this bit of hopeful news from Twitter.

I have a feeling Janet is going to be the hottest Halloween costume of 2017.

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