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These Insanely Stunning Gems Are Going Up for Sale

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Pull out your paddle and put your game face on. If you happen to be in the market for a few extremely large emeralds or star rubies, you’re in luck. Guernsey’s auction house in New York will be taking bids this spring for some of the most dazzling gems we’ve ever seen.

In April, The Marcial de Gomar Emerald Collection which counts more than twenty loose emeralds (both cut and rough) plus 13 pieces of emerald jewelry is going up for sale. Included in the lot are the mind-blowing, 887-carat La Gloria emerald, the Marcial de Gomar Star, the largest of only eleven star emeralds known to exist, and the Tears of Fura, a matching pair of teardrop-shaped Muzo emeralds.

In May, the Mountain Star Ruby Collection, four pieces collectively clocking in at 342-carats, will go under the hammer. The largest of the stones, the Appalachian Star, is a whopping 139 carats. A similar stone was recently appraised at $40 million, so expect the prices to be stratospheric.

We can pretty much guarantee that no matter which ones you choose, you’ll be making a solid buy. If you need one extra push, check out some recent diamond sales. Just goes to show that investing in precious stones always beats stuffing bills under your bed.

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