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The Top Three Performances from The Voice Premiere


Adam. Miley. Alicia. Blake. This is the #VoicePremiere. ️️

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It’s that time again: You know, when you watch people’s dreams coming true before your eyes on The Voice and when you get songs you haven’t heard in years stuck in your head right before bed. If you fan out as hard as we do, you probably strain your vocal chords during the course of the season because, well, there’s just something about that show that makes you want to sing—until you realize that some people are just genetically blessed.

Anyways, last night Season 11 of The Voice premiered and with it came two new coaches: the gloriously makeup-less and soulful AF Alicia Keys, as well as the kooky but ridiculously talented Miley Cyrus (bedecked in a Canadian tux covered in, what else, fake flowers). The two songstresses step in for Pharrell Williams and Christina Aguilera, and we will really miss the spiritual side of the former. And while country star Blake Shelton used to be a darling of sorts, it’s hard to think of him in the same light after his racist and homophobic tweets were uncovered from way back. We digress…

Watch these performances, especially if you think you don’t have it in you to watch another season. These will convince you that you really, really must watch.

Dave Moisan: “Sex and Candy”

This guy’s voice is smooth like butter and though he has an Adam Levine sound to him, he went for the heart and soul of coach Alicia Keys.

Dana Harper: “Jealous”

It’s always surprising when a singer picks her polar opposite as a coach, but Harper did that when she chose Team Blake. Clearly she is looking to diversify her talent and her offering. Can’t wait to see what she does next.

Ali Caldwell: “Dangerous Woman”

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. This performance stole the show, hands down. In fact, she’s the kind of singer that makes you wonder why she’s even on The Voice, TBH. Given the power behind her notes, it’s no surprise, really, that she chose a coach who can seriously belt it out (Miley, that is).

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