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The super-fast barre workout that will change your body (no, seriously)

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Hump day comes as both blessing and curse. You’re two full days away from the weekend, but, if you’re anything like me, you’re two—almost three—days workout-free (not so good). In my own day-to-day, I sit on the train for about an hour, then sit at my desk for about eight hours, then get back on the train for a final hour or so. So my life is heavy on the sitting, and definitely lacking in the exercise department. But who really wants to hit the gym at 5am or even at 7:30pm, when all you care about doing is inhaling a plate of food? This is my constant challenge, one that I’ve yet to solve—even today, as I write about it. In fact, tonight I have dinner plans, so….

But on any given day, you (and I!) could fit in 10 or 20 minutes of exercise, which can change your body in a good way over the course of a month and years. Barre workouts are great because they target the areas a lot of us want to improve: our thighs, butts and even our posture, which is definitely in crisis from hunching over our desks. If you want to jump on the Workout Wednesday train with us, here’s your choice: Either do Alex Hipwell’s Barre Style Workout on the Nike Training Club app (takes 25 minutes), or do these three moves from the workout, in a circuit, three times over (which takes about 10 minutes). Performing this one workout today will set you up for a successful end of week. So join me in sneaking one in on a weeknight. Baby steps, right?

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