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The fashion girl’s guide to Apple iOS 9: New features that’ll make your life so much easier

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There are an overwhelming number of new features with the latest Apple update (we’ve counted at least 25). While many of the new elements have made our lives a lot more fun (hello, emojis), other less-obvious components may not have been realized yet. Sure, you can always head to the in-phone Tips app or to see how to use the new features, but we’ve also pulled together a comprehensive guide. From the multi-doer Notes to the quick search, here’s how to make sense of iOS9, and make your day-to-day a hell of a lot easier.

apple ios 9 features transit traffic

The in-phone app Maps now offers real-time transit schedule for some of the major cities in the world. Getting to work, events or fashion shows just got a whole lot less stressful.

apple ios 9 features low power mode

Extended battery life
Who hasn’t felt the pressure of strategically using only a couple of apps when the battery life dwindles down to 20%. With our phones by our sides all day, the battery life can get sucked up fast. With the new addition of the low battery mode, the phone instantly knows to turn off all push notifications and other battery-sucking apps so your phone can last you through the night. Bless.

apple ios 9 features quick search

Quick search
Your swipe-left search page will officially become your go-to with shortcuts to everything from your most recently contacted friend to your recently opened apps all in one location. One of our fave features is that the search bar can be used when you’re in need of some quick math skills. You know, when you’re in line at the cashier trying to figure out if you can really afford/need the three sweaters in your arms.

apple ios 9 features efficient ical

The calendar app is way more efficient. Aside from picking up events mentioned in your e-mails, your phone can now notify you in real-time when you should leave the office to make it in time for that [insert event].

apple ios 9 features selfies folder

Selfie folder
Given that we’re constantly snapping photos of #ootd, flat lays, previews, fashion shows and so on, there’s probably a thousands of photos on our iPhones. To help organize your Photos app just a tad, you no longer need to scroll through endless photos to find your best selfies. They now have a place of their own.

apple ios 9 features note

Note-taking for the multi-tasker
Organized multi-taskers, this feature is for you. Gone are the days when the Notes app was restricted to jotting down simple thoughts. Now you can bookmark sites, doodle, include maps and a checklist all in one note.

apple ios 9 features caller id

Smart caller ID
Your phone can now smartly guess who that unknown number belongs to. Screening calls just got a lot less tiresome.

apple ios 9 features mark up emails

Photo attachments
Doodle on or mark up your photos and docs before attaching it to your email to get the exact message across.

apple ios 9 features find phone

Find my iPhone alert
Prone to misplacing your phone on the regular? You can now get your iPhone to make a sound (even when you had set it on silent!) via your friend’s phone when it’s hiding under your covers for the umpteenth time.

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