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The ‘Banksy’ of Florists is Taking NYC Streets by Storm


What do garbage cans and flower arrangements have in common? Until recently, not much.

Florals by Lewis Miller Designs are a fixture at any swanky New York City event. (Miller has created arrangements for the likes of the The Met, Chanel and Vogue.) Recently, however, he’s been leaving his mark on New York City’s streets with elaborate floral installations. The eye-catching designs have been popping up in trash cans on street corners, literally overnight.

Miller and his team get started as early as 5:30 a.m. to put together each installation, and in a whirlwind of greenery and petals finish working on what they call a Flower Flash. The team needs just 10 minutes to put together the arrangements, which are often made up of flowers recycled from other events.

In the true spirit of street art, each installation is accompanied by the tag LMDxNYC. The logo is sprayed onto the sidewalk with chalk spray paint, which washes away when it rains.

“Who doesn’t love to get flowers?”, Miller said when discussing his project with “They are such a luxury, and New York City is a very gritty, fast-paced town. If we can bring nature—something wild and sumptuous—to New Yorkers and make them smile, the way people smile when they witness a random act of kindness, then that is a great thing. That is my goal.”

Click through the gallery below, and let LMD’s Floral Flashes brighten your day.

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