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The 8 Things We Love-Hate Most About Gwyneth Paltrow

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Today it’s almost not enough to be just an actor—you’ve got to be an entrepreneur, an author, a blogger, a chef and a clothing designer. And the best-known (and arguably most critiqued) of them all: Our girl Gwynnie. With her website goop, GP has become synonymous with all things holistic and healthy, making her fans (and frenemies) wonder how we can have it all, too. Here, the 8 things we love to hate her for:

Bringing conscious uncoupling to the mainstream

The gentle break-up philosophy has been around since the ’70s, but Chris Martin and Paltrow brought it to the mainstream when Gwyn posted about it on Goop following the announcement of their decision to divorce. While normal people take comfort in hating their exes, this new way of moving forward is all about love. Since then, they’ve continued to exhibit what appears to be one of the most amicable, high-profile splits ever.

Actually looking amazing in makeup-less selfies

While some other celebs pretend to be sans maquillage, GP actually is, and often. We’ll have what she’s having.

Launching skincare by Goop

Though she claimed there wasn’t anything else organic, luxe and high-performing on the market, there actually was. This made our beauty director really angry. That doesn’t stop us from wanting to get our hands on it.

She shunned the Met Gala

Probably the only person on earth to ever do so, Gwyneth vented after 2013’s party, saying: “I’m never going again. It was so un-fun. It was boiling. It was too crowded. I did not enjoy it at all.” It’s basically a lesson to all of us FOMO-ridden people that sometimes the party just isn’t as good as it seems.

Eating perfectly is “easy”

In her first cookbook It’s All Good, Gwynnie talks about how easy it is to make chicken and veggie stocks—and even sriracha. Most of us have trouble just getting food on the table, so let’s not even think about the condiments, thank you very much. But the best thing about this cookbook was how she flippantly talked of how great it was to have an outdoor pizza oven. NBD. Now pizza ovens have become our life goal, because we’re all basically foodies now. OH, and the next book, It’s All Easy, the title is annoying even if the recipes are simple AF.

Having the most enviable outfits

Because even GP’s film wardrobes are #goals. (Her street style is already killer.) Every one of her looks from 1998’s Great Expectations is ah-mazing (Donna Karan did the clothing). This movie is one of her best film style moments ever. Unless you’re more into Margot Tenenbaum’s looks, which is the polar opposite on the style spectrum but equally as cool. She even made smoking look cool.

Going where few others would

Shameless as we’d like to be, GP had her vag steamed and even her colon blasted with water—and she lived to write about it. (BTW, medical professionals are very divided on the safety of these processes.) Vaginas are not chicken breasts and colons are not dirty cars.

Having the coolest BFFs

Whenever she’s hanging with her inner circle of besties which includes Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Richie (seriously, how did she penetrate that group?), Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, Rachel Zoe, Gucci Westman, it’s always at some idyllic-looking outdoor dinner party with insane farm-to-table food and fucking fairy lights. Kill us now/please let us crash.

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