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The 8 Craziest Face Highlighters Out There

Beauty Bitter Lace Beauty Halloween highlighter jeffree star

We’ve still got a little a month before the spookiest holiday of the year arrives, but with the costumes and the candy boxes taking over the shopping aisles, Halloween season is officially upon us.

October 31st is also the time for beauty enthusiasts to put their makeup skills to the test. And the perfect opp for cosmetic brands to launch spooky-inspired products to assist. Bitter Lace Beauty is one such case. ICYMI, this is the brand that gave us the much-coveted rainbow highlighter back in April that resulted in us endlessly scrolling through glistening Instagram photos. After being MIA for a few months, the Etsy start-up back again with a small, limited collection of Halloween-ready highlighters (think candy corn, blood and potion-inspired ones). Jeffree Star has also jumped on the bandwagon. The infamous beauty star-turned-cosmetic creator announced that he will be releasing a black highlighter for Halloween back in June, which generated some positive (and negative) comments.

Scroll down to see eight of the craziest highlighters out there.

Pumpkin Spice Latte-inspired highlighter

Rainbow-inspired highlighter

Candy corn-inspired highlighter

Splattered blood-inspired highlighter

Potion-inspired highlighter

Some highlighting potion magic in the bottle! #bitterlacebeauty

A video posted by Bitter Lace Beauty ( on

Classic Halloween highlighter

Black highlighter

Although pizza highlighter isn’t technically a real product, we couldn’t not include it.

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