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The 16 best quotes from the upcoming Kim Kardashian biography

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Ever since their reality series debuted on the E! Network in 2007, the Kardashian family has succeeded in cementing their place in Hollywood as the high-fructose corn syrup of celebrities. This highly saccharine bunch finds themselves in highly savoury situations (remember season 4 in Bora Bora?) and have proven to be extremely addictive personas. At the Kardashian core is Kim (who, by the way, is celebrating her 35th birthday on October 21st). To help keep up with another year of this Kardashian, Harper Collins is releasing a major biography called Kim, written by bestselling author Sean Smith. We’ve rounded up our favourite quotes from the book, which will be available on October 20th.

On keeping up with the Drizzys:
“There’s rumoured to be more money in Hidden Hills than in Bel Air. Kim and Kanye have now bought an estate there with an estimated value of $20 million. I heard they are going to turn it into a palace and it’s going to make Drake’s property seem like a terrace.”

On Kim and Kanye’s recent trip to Australia:
“Even Kanye broke into the occasional smile, usually when playing with North. He stayed a pace behind his wife, much in the manner of William with Kate, or Prince Philip accompanying the Queen.”

On Kim’s pre-Jenner family:
“The Kardashian family always ate dinner together, even when the children were young. After prayers, Robert would go round the table for ‘The Peak and the Pit’. Everyone in turn had to declare the highlight and lowlight of their day.”

On the effect of her parent’s divorce:
“The whole sorry saga was shaping up like a bad episode of Dynasty (or a good one, depending on whether you were living it or just watching).”

On Kim’s aspirations:
“Kim wanted to be a housewife when she grew up. She was a sweet and thoughtful little girl who dreamed of being not Madonna, but a wife and mother, and maybe a grandmother one day, just like her nanas whom she adored.”

On Kim and Kourtney’s Donna Karan obsession:
“The two sisters used to play fashion games together. One favorite, at least with Kourtney, was when she pretended to be the leading fashion designer Donna Karan, creator of the DKNY label, and poor Kim was her beleaguered assistant.”

On Kim’s epic teenage bashes:
“Kim celebrated her fourteenth birthday in October 1994. The party was held at Neverland, Michael Jackson’s famous 3000-acre ranch near Santa Barbara, about 100 miles north of Los Angeles.”

On Kim’s association with the OJ murder trial:
“She has become adept at avoiding it, like a politician swerving and awkward question. ‘It’s weird,’ she said, ‘I try not to think about it.’”

On the movie that motivated Kim’s career:
“The most inspiring film for Kim was the cult success Clueless, because she loved the fashions and decided she was going to be the main character, Cher Horowitz.”

On Kim’s alleged motivation for liposuction:
“Kim said she had lipo, which cost $3,650, because [ex-husband] Damon wanted her to be ‘perfect.’”

On her career epiphany:
“Kim worked for [singer] Brandy after meeting her through Damon. She had realized that she couldn’t make a living buying and selling her own possesions on eBay…”

On Kim’s alleged payout regarding her sex tape:
“According to a source at Girls Gone Wild who had sight of the agreement, Kim and Ray J received $300,000 each in respect of the tape.”

On the reason for her fame:
“Conspiracy theorists believe that E! commissioned the show based on Kim’s new sex tape fame. The timing is very tight in terms of which came first — a true chicken or egg situation.”

On Kanye’s early styling days:
“At 15, he even took over his mother’s styling: He’d critique whatever I was wearing, whenever I had some place to go. Sometimes he’d be kind. Other times, cruel.”

Ricardo Tisci’s take on Kim:
“She was the most beautiful pregnant woman I have dressed in my career.”

On whether the Kardashians are as drama-prone as their series suggests:
“Their lives would be car crashes with or without the prism of reality television. “

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