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Nail Contouring is an Actual Thing Now

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We’ve shown you how to contour your abs, your legs, your chest, your neck, your hair, your ears and your butt, but before you think to yourself that surely you’ve run out of body parts to slim and highlight, we’d like to present you with: nail contouring.

The term was coined by NYC-based nail artist Jin Soon Choi, founder of Jin Soon polishes. “This is something I used to do when I was young,” manicurist Jin Soon Choi told Cosmopolitan. “When I was growing up, my friends and I wouldn’t extend the colour to the sides of our nails to make our nails look more elongated.”

So if you’re always complaining of short, stubby nails, this is the mani for you. Take a look at some inspo below, and then start striping.

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