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Linea Intima Celebrates 20 Years in the Bra Biz

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I still remember my first bra fitting with Liliana Mann at Linea Intima. In fact, it was the first bra fitting I’d ever had. After trying on what felt like the entire store’s worth of merchandise, I emerged with an new idea of what my body could look like (tall! lifted! smooth!) and a beautiful navy number in a size I didn’t know I needed. That’s the power of Liliana.

In honour of Linea Intima’s 20th Anniversary, we asked Liliana to share some of her funniest moments, all time bestsellers and what she’s got up her sleeve at the start of the next 20.

How many bras have you sold over 20 years?

I never counted (I should, out of curiosity…) but over half a million for sure. Our motto is “improve women’s lives one bra at a time”, so I am happy just thinking about it!

What’s your best selling bra of all time?

It’s hard to mention only one. There is Madison from PrimaDonna, Avero from MarieJo, Hedona from Chantelle and Momentum from Anita.

In 20 years, what was one of your most memorable fitting experiences?

I’ve had so many memorable experiences. There was the customer who suffered a serious burn as a child and was anxious about a bra fitting. When she opened up and saw what her body could look like, that she forgot about the scars and showed everyone her shape! I also had a customer who saw a beautiful Lise Charmel bra in her daughter-in-law’s room and wanted to experience the feeling of a stunning bra for herself. Since then, she buys a new one every year.

How has the bra industry changed over 20 years?

There are so many more beautiful and comfortable fabrics and laces in exciting fashion colors. We are asked less for nude and beige bras and more for colorful, gorgeous bras that fit.

What have you learned by working exclusively with women?

Women are strong and lead by example, but we need to learn to focus on the positive traits and be more forgiving of the ones we perceive as negatives, especially when it comes to ourselves. We care so much for everyone around us and not enough for ourselves.

There’s a lot of information on how to find the best fitting bra. Why do you think so many women are still getting it wrong?

So many brands fit differently – the design and the fabric make for a certain fit. Also, our shapes differ so even if we have the right size, it may not always fit correctly. It is important to have a proper bra fitting with an expert once a year to update your bra wardrobe. Your bra is the first piece of clothing you put on in the morning, the last one you take off at night, the one you keep the closest to our skin all day, shouldn’t it be the best?

You have done so many TV segments on proper bra fittings. Any funny moments?

I always loved the segments on “Steven and Chris”. I had a certain “wave” with Chris and it was funny and relaxed, but informative at the same time. We always got it right from the first take! I do miss him.

How are you planning to celebrate Linea Intima’s big birthday?

We are having year-long special promotions, events and prizes, a special Eco-friendly shopping bag and a French rose soap for everybody.

What’s next for you?

We are working on a big and exiting project called Reve Rouge. Stay tuned for more!

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