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Life Hacks 101: How To Save Money When You Have None

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“I can’t afford my lifestyle,” is something I’ve said on more than one occasion. I find balancing the books really tricky, especially since my job as a fashion editor has me combing through the city’s best clothing boutiques or scanning runway collections for inspiration and story ideas. I also enjoy coffee, dining out and a good shoe sale (who doesn’t?). So as you can see, I’m more of a “splurge” than “save” girl. But I’ve found some simple strategies to streamline my spending, so I can pretend to live large while still making my student loan payments.

  1. Coffee

If you’re a cappuccino or latte girl, try opting for an Americano misto or, better yet, a Café Misto to cut the cost. That’s a few cents saved on the daily walk in.

  1. Food

There are an abundance of food delivery apps that offer first-time users a cost-cutting promo code to try. There’s no harm in trying out new technology if it’s going to save some coin. You can also try building a custom order rather than ordering off the menu. Base your dish around something you know and love and cut out the extra ingredients you would pick out anyway. For me, this means a small soup with two topping at Freshii for around $3. With a modified order you may come out a few bucks ahead.

  1. Fitness

Visit the best clubs and classes by trying out the first-time promotions. No, this isn’t the best bet if you’re looking to get on a schedule, but it will keep you super active for a fraction of the cost. Most places offer a one-month trial for $30 or $40 bucks, which is way better than a $20 yoga class if you ask me.

  1. Technology

Partner up with fellow tenants while you’re renting somewhere with multiple units. Share the cost of Wi-Fi (a.k.a. our lifeline to the world), but make sure your Netflix addictions are equal. Turn off cellular data when you go anywhere and connect to Wi-Fi. Be that person who always asks for the password.

  1. Fashion

Stalk your favourite pieces and hold off on purchasing until the item goes on super sale. If you miss the sale, or your size disappears, continue to hunt for the piece online. Keep change-room selfies on hand so you can revisit the item to evaluate your level of obsession. A week later you might see that selfie, not like it and feel the relief of knowing you passed it up. That’s money in the bank right there.


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