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Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery May Have Been an Inside Job

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Police have arrested 17 suspects believe to be involved in Kim Kardashian‘s robbery, which left the reality TV star gagged, bound and held at gunpoint in Paris on October 3.

Among those arrested on Monday morning were Kardashian’s driver, a 27-year-old employee of the limo company the Kardashian family normally uses on their trips to Paris, according to Le Monde. Police confirmed to E! News that the limo driver was “the last to chauffeur Kim before the robbery and would have known all her movement,” as well as the fact that she was alone, meaning the whole thing could have been an inside job.

Of the 17 individuals arrested, 14 are men and three are women, most of whom are in their 50s with the oldest suspect identified as 72-year-old “Pierre B.” Five men were involved in the attack itself, with three holding up the night porter, while the other two entered Kardashian’s apartment, tying her up and locking her in the bathroom.

Le Monde reports a number of the suspects are seasoned criminals, with records for crimes including drug trafficking and counterfeiting, while the New York Times says the suspects “appeared to be part of an experienced group with connections to organized crime.”

According to the BBC, French police were able to locate the suspects with traces of DNA left on the material used to tie up the 36-year-old mother of two, along with a pendant that was left behind by the group.

The arrests come just a week after Kim’s return to social media following a three-month hiatus. Last week, a promo for Keeping Up With the Kardashians showed the Kimoji creator speaking out about the robbery for the first time with her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe.

“They’re going to shoot me in the back,” she said, recalling the incident. “There’s no way out. It makes me so upset to think about it.”

Kardashian is set to make her first public appearance post-robbery at celeb makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic’s Master Class in Dubai on Friday.

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