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Kim Kardashian Finally Speaks Out About the Paris Robbery

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In last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim finally spoke out about the horrific events that took place during the Paris robbery that happened last October. She described the reason why she wanted to tell her story, on her Instagram account before the show:

During the show, through tears Kim shared her memories of the event, and revealed a few things that the tabloids and newspapers hadn’t covered. For instance, Kim thought she was going to be raped, as one robber had grabbed her legs and pulled her toward the end of the bed. When one robber pointed a gun to her head, she recalls saying to the concierge, who was also tied up in the apartment, “Are we gonna die? Like, what’s happening to us? Like, I have babies. Please tell them. Please, they can’t understand me, but tell them I have babies at home, like, please, like, I have a family, like, let me live.”

Some other details that emerged: Kim thinks that she was followed home after robbers found out she was touring the city alone via her Snapchats. Later, when she escaped the crime scene, she was found hiding behind a bush outside, nearly naked. And Kim was afraid of the police officers at first, as she recalls the robbers were also dressed as officers, so she was unable to trust them as she couldn’t find the reality in the situation.

Through the episode, Kim shows her strength, stoicism and gratitude, which she echoed with multiple tweets.

Kim’s family also took to social media in solidarity:

Here, a short summary of scenes from last night KUWTK episode:

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