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Josephine Skriver Wants to Eat Chocolate in her Underwear

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This year, Valentine’s Day happens to fall right smack in the middle of New York fashion week. As luck would have it, that means Victoria’s Secret stunner Josephine Skriver and her beau of 3 years, singer/songwriter Alexander DeLeon, will be in the same city at the same time, and able to spend it together. We caught up with the 23-year old Danish model to get the scoop on her sexy date night plans, favourite lingerie and first kiss.

What do you have planned for Valentines Day?

“I think I will be meeting up with my girlfriends during the day and then it’s all about me and my man at the end of the night.”

What are you planning to wear for date night?

I’m obsessed with Victoria’s Secret’s Very Sexy Collection. I love their V-cut strapless bra. I can wear it under a blouse or a blazer and hint at the sexy underwear that I’m saving for later.”

Do you have a go-to spot for dinner in New York?

“I’m such a fan of a great steak, so anywhere with good meat is an epic win. We’re thinking Nobu, Lincoln Square Steakhouse or Baya – there’s so many great places in NY. And I love eating dessert somewhere else, I feel like you have time for your food to settle. My favorite ice cream store, Emack & Bolio’s, is all the way uptown. I get the cone rolled in marshmallows and dipped in Oreos. It’s worth the trip!”

Which would you rather get, flowers, chocolate or lingerie?

“Can I just eat my chocolate in my underwear?”

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for Valentines?

“One time I put little notes all over the house reminding my boyfriend why I fell in love with him. I put one in the fridge, one on the pillow… I think it’s really important to remind the people in your life that you love them.”

Do you have a favourite emoji to tell your boyfriend you’re thinking of him?

“Heart eyes! I think that’s how my face goes every time I look at him.”

Do you remember your first kiss?

“Ah yes, I do. I was 17 and it was by the harbour in Denmark after a party. It was very cold and freezing, but it was fun!”

Do you have a celebrity crush?

“I like strong powerful people, I love confidence, and I honestly have just as many girl crushes as I have boy crushes when it comes to celebrities.”

You travel so much for work. Do you have any advice for maintaining a long distance relationship?

“I think traveling makes any relationship complicated, whether it’s my family, friends, or my boyfriend. It makes it even more important to tell the people you care about how much you love them. It’s about being present when you’re with people, being in the now and making sure you take everyone along with you. And it’s always good to miss, because then when you do see each other, the meeting is that much sweeter.”

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