Introducing M.A.C’s New Influencer-Driven Collab, Featuring Canadian Y – M & S
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Introducing M.A.C’s New Influencer-Driven Collab, Featuring Canadian YouTuber Samantha Ravndahl

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There are few things we love more than a good M.A.C collaboration, and this one is kicking 2017 off with a bang. The cosmetics brand has teamed up with ten influencers around the world, each of whom will create their own lipstick in the M.A.C lab in Markham, Ontario. On the Canadian side, M.A.C has selected Samantha Ravndahl, who has a staggering 2.4 million followers on Instagram and can do one hell of a graphic winged liner.

“M.A.C has been driving innovation in cosmetic collaborations for over 15 years,” says M.A.C Senior VP Global Communications, Catherine Bomboy Dougherty. “We’ve partnered with icons from the worlds of fashion, pop culture, celebrity, music and art to bring to life their point of view on beauty. While each collaborator has a unique vision, they all share authenticity in their partnership with the brand. We bring this authenticity now to a new type of influencer specifically in the beauty space. These beauty influencers are models, photographers, experts, editors, and artists all-in-one and we admire their makeup artistry talent, point of view and love they inspire from their fans.”

The MACxSamanthaRavndahl lipstick will launch in April.

Keep reading for our chat with Samantha below.

What is your first M.A.C memory?
My first M.A.C memory was getting a lip gloss as a Christmas present from my friend. From then on I would scrounge together every last dime so I could pick up one product at a time to build my collection.

What does this collab represent for you?
A literal dream come true. I never imagined that I would have the opportunity, and it feels like all my hard work and passion is coming full circle.

Can you give us any hints on what your lipstick will be?
My lipstick will be quick, effortless, and gorgeous. The perfect every day (and night) lipstick.

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