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Introducing Hormone Horoscope, your new favourite app

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You have a million apps on your phone, right? Well, make room for one more. Let us introduce you to Hormone Horoscope, the app that tells you what your day is going to be like (emotionally, physically, mentally) according to what day of your cycle you’re on and what that means for your estrogen levels.

Once you download the (free!) app, you just enter the basics (the usual length of your cycle and what day you’re currently on) and that’s it. The app was founded by Gabrielle Lichterman, a health and lifestyle journalist and author of 28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals about Your Love Life, Moods and Potential.

Hormone Horoscope claims to predict everything from your “mood, energy level, cravings, brain skills, chattiness, pain sensitivity, desire for romance and more.” For instance, today I begin week three of my cycle, and the app claims that my confidence will be lower than it was in the first two weeks (great), due to the fact that “levels of estrogen and testosterone nose-dive, which can trigger ‘pre-PMS’.”

“Gathering hundreds of real scientific studies into one useful daily guide, the Hormone Horoscope, shows you how your rising and falling hormones impact you in every way every day. And it shows you how to predict these hormonal influences so you can capitalize on the hormonal benefits and overcome hormonal challenges to make every day better.”

Download Hormone Horoscope now for a daily horoscope that charts your cycle, rather than moon cycles.

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