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Ibiza: We venture beyond the club scene and find the most Insta-worthy vacation ever

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With the Canadian dollar being depressingly low against the mighty USD, the very idea of traveling across the border may just have your bank account shrinking. “But I want beach.” you demand. To which I say, “Ibiza, baby!” A short flight from any European city (the Euro has also been experiencing record lows, which works conveniently well for us), Ibiza has all the relaxing paradise vibes but with endless options to treat yourself to a glitzy, ridiculous nightlife that would put Vegas to shame.

There was no question where I was when I landed into the Ibiza airport. From the distance, I could see bright red, yellow and green lights flashing down the terminal. As I inched closer, my vision sharpened and deciphered the sign to read, “CLUB IBIZA DAVID GUETTA.” Naturally. After a good chuckle and documenting the whole thing on snapchat (obviously), I spent the entirety of my time in Ibiza with the sun gloriously beaming on my face, fully soaking up the love, peace and anything goes vibe of its hippy past, which truly runs thick on the gorgeous white isle. With guaranteed sun on the daily, soothing holistic retreats and outrageously extravagant evening entertainment never on short supply, it’s no wonder that the world’s chic-est, including our favourite runway make-up artists and hairstylists, flock to Ibiza. At any given moment, you might catch a familiar face at the stunning health and wellness villa (and fave of Kate Moss), Can Verru, the flamingo adorned poolside bar at the grand Ushuaia Tower, or the amazingly camp hot spot, Lìo restaurant and cabaret.

The hedonist island is the perfect place to escape to on your next vacation. It’s a visual paradise, lighting up all the senses at every moment—the sweet smell of olives, oranges and almonds, the touch of the warm sun, the taste of freshly caught calamari and farm-raised jamòn, and the sight of clear turquoise waters, beautiful bronzed faces and vibrant colors and prints in front of white-white buildings. And it’s all done with a cheeky wink and a sassy strut.

Browse the gallery below to see Ibiza in all its travel porn glory.

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