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How to get your body image in check, according to supermodel Ashley Graham

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December can be a tricky time when it comes to keeping fit and feeling your best. During the holidays, cocktail hour seems to come at every hour, eating becomes an official pastime and stretchy pants are your dinnertime BFF. No biggie— it’s a festive right of passage. But for those who have a beach vacation planned as soon as Boxing Day comes around, the thought of slipping into a string bikini after a month of indulging can be a bit intimidating. But, truth is, being confident in a bathing suit shouldn’t be about losing weight; just take it from the queen of confidence, supermodel Ashley Graham. The body-positive activist and designer just revealed her new collection of sexy lingerie with Addition Elle called “Black Orchid,” and gauging from the racy campaign photos, she is still the absolute authority when it comes to owning your body, no matter what shape or size.

Graham admitted to us that she used to feel the negative pressures before a vacation but has learned to overcome them. “Like most women, I do feel pressure, but over the years I’ve become very comfortable in my skin and I love being in a bikini. It actually makes me feel more confident.” This covetable comfort didn’t happen by accident. Over the years, the plus-sized pinup has perfected the art of nurturing her mind and body in order to feel her best. Graham shares her confidence code, just in time for that holiday vacation.

No bad vibes

She may be stunning and have flawless beach style, but for Graham, her appearance isn’t nearly as important as her attitude when it comes to feeling fab in a bathing suit. “Confidence definitely comes from within, and it all starts with how you perceive yourself,” she says. To make sure her attitude is on point, Graham says that she starts the day reciting positive messages to herself. “Start your day by saying affirmations in the mirror. Tell yourself how beautiful you look, how amazing you feel and how blessed you are to be enjoying a beautiful vacation!”

Make love, not war

As for how Graham gets over her body hang-ups (yes, even supermodel’s have them), she chooses to acknowledge and accept them. Her secret is to pinpoint the things she has the urge to criticize about her body and show them love instead. She’ll say things to herself like, “Back fat, I see you poppin’ over my bra today. But that’s all right. I’m gonna choose to love you. And thick thighs, you are just so sexy you just can’t stop rubbing each other! That’s all right, I’m gonna keep you. And cellulite I have not forgotten about you. I’m going to choose to love you even though you want to take over my whole bottom half.”

Fit body, happy mind

It’s not just about attitude; Graham is also committed to keeping herself in tip-top shape. In fact, her Instagram is filled with sweaty selfies, exercise action shots and workout videos. “I love being active, and I’m a firm believer that working out and moving your body makes you a happier person.” The five-foot-seven stunner focuses on her health, rather than her weight. “Knowing I’m going to be in my bathing suit for a vacation or a shoot definitely motivates me to ramp up my workouts, but it’s more for me to feel healthy than to look ‘beach body ready’—whatever that means!”

Go for the glow

Another major priority for Graham, when it comes to her ocean-side confidence, is maintaining her glowing skin. Forget the expensive creams; she tells us she’s a big fan of drinking a green juice every morning. “My favourite is a blend of kale, apple, spinach, ginger, lemon and beets.” Another absolute must is staying well hydrated. “Moisturize from the inside out,” she says. “Make sure to drink lots of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.” And for a little extra shine before hitting the beach, she recommends using a little rose water spray for “that natural, dewy look.”

Selfie swag

Once you start to “feel yourself,” the next logical step is to own that confidence by taking a few sexy and sandy selfies. Yes, a big part of Graham’s body mojo comes from celebrating her body with bangin’ bikini pics. To achieve her level of selfie swag, try her top three tips: “Find some great lighting, elongate your body and perfect your smize!” Yes, master.




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