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How to get longer lashes (no falsies necessary)

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how to get longer lashes

There are a lot of things we’re too lazy to do – make our own lunches more than once a week, order things online when our credit cards aren’t right beside us, click “Play Next Episode” on Netflix – but when it comes to getting long, fluttery lashes, we’ll do just about anything. We’ll waste our primping time battling it out with a strip of falsies as we try to keep that inner end from gawkily sticking straight out. Or, we’ll get professional lash extensions and tolerate months of an awkward grow-out period with people starring confusedly at the sparseness that surrounds our eyes.

But as much as we want long lashes and doe-like gazers, we have to wonder, is it worth all the trouble? Well, yes, the answer is yes – but there’s a better way to achieve them.

Ahead, a roundup of the easiest ways to get luscious lashes without having to torture yourself with falsies of any kind. From simple techniques to curl them just right, to length-enhancing oils, click through for the simplest ways to make your lashes look longer than ever. Lazy girls welcome.

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