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Holiday Beauty Prep: What to Start Doing Now (Like, Today) So You Look Great at Every Party

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Holiday countdown has officially begun, and we’re making sure you’re prepped for the endless parties you’re invited to this season. With approximately four weeks to go until the holidays, we’re helping you get a head start on your beauty game. Because we all know looking good just doesn’t magically happen overnight. So we’re counting down the days, smartly. Consider this your ultimate beauty guide to prepping for the holiday season.

Here’s what you should do now:

1. Eat a balanced diet
The holidays might as well be another way to say foodfest. But you know what they say: You are what you eat. Eating a balanced diet is just as important as maintaining your skin with products. Think less sugar and salt and more healthy fats, whole grains and fruits and veggies. It also helps to be mindful of what kinds of foods your skin is sensitive to and start replacing them with better options for you (if you break out with dairy, try nut milks and bean-based spreads instead of the creamy stuff). Still scratching your head on what types of food you should eat to help? Read here for six nutrients to help improve your complexion.

2. Drink lots of water
While we know we should drink approximately eight glasses of H2O a day, knowing the optimal times to drink is key. Aside from replenishing lost fluid after a workout, start your day with a glass of water after you wake up to refresh your system and keep drinking regularly throughout the day. If water is too bland for your tastebuds, herbal teas hail just as many beauty benefits. The more water you drink, the less bloated you’ll be. (Read: you’ll be able to slip into that LBD on NYE.)

3. Add juices to your day
We’re all guilty of reaching for our morning, afternoon (and sometimes evening) coffees. Ahead of the holiday season, supplement your lattes and cappuccinos with a freshly pressed juice instead. Coffee is dehydrating, and therefore can lead to less-than-glow-y skin. Not to mention stress-induced pimples aren’t helped by the coffee jitters either. While a juice cleanse may not be everybody’s cup of tea, a green juice from places like Fresh and Greenhouse Juice is full of health and skin benefits and keeps your mid-day cravings in check. A first-time juicer? Fresh founder Ruth Tal lists key green ingredients for starters. It certainly beats a caffeine jolt any day.

4. Incorporate relaxation into your routine
Regularly exercising is one way to prep for the holidays—no doubt we all want to look and feel our best when we put on our dancing shoes. But with our hectic schedules and heart-pumping activities during the week, it’s smart to weave some relaxation time into your routine. So unfurrow your brow and sign up for a yoga and/or meditation class package to help slow down and chill out. Not about the namaste? Click here for four unconventional, but equally gratifying, activities you can do on your off-time.

5. Improve your sleep
Last but not least, make sure you’re getting enough sleep (about seven to nine hours every night). An activity many of us are guilty of taking for granted, getting a good night’s sleep has proven to make a difference on us physically and mentally. And with our evenings and weekends slowly being marked off in the month of December, you’re going to need to be on your A-game to get through those back-to-back (to-back) parties. Don’t know where to start? Read here for tips on how to sleep better.

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