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Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust on Their Characters in Season 2 of Love

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After wrapping up last February, the final scene of Love had fans itching to know what happened next to characters Mickey Dobbs and Gus Cruikshank. Well, the wait is over now that all 10 episodes of Season 2 are on Netflix.

The show, created by Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin and Paul Rust, picks up right where it left off—with the wild and perpetually messed up Mickey (played by Gillian Jacobs of Community fame) and nice guy Gus (portrayed by Rust) at a gas station, having just kissed after Mickey confessed she was a sex and love addict, an alcoholic and a drug addict. “They try to make a go at the relationship,” says Rust. “The fun part is that they know this could be potentially be toxic, and they’re seeing the red flags but actively ignoring them.”

Photography by Netflix

Photography by Netflix

We’re not going to spoil the episode for you, but we will say that the pair end up leaving the gas station in Mickey’s car, after she tells Gus to get in so that they can talk it out. Also, side note, the contents of Gus’s shopping bags are finally revealed: a Twix bar, Sour Patch Kids and an ice cream sandwich. He’s eating his feelings, for crying out loud!

Over the next few episodes, we see Mickey and Gus trying to stay away from each other for their own good. “I feel like Mickey, over the course of Season 2, gains some insight but also has false confidence in other areas of her life,” says Jacobs. “As she puts one piece of the puzzle in, she flicks another one across the room and messes some area of her life up to feel normal. She has an addiction to drama, and so if it’s not happening, she needs to create it, because that feels normal to her.”

Photography by Netflix

Photography by Netflix

Rust also says that Gus begins to realize that he’s not all that perfect. “I think the way Gus develops is that before maybe in a relationship he was comfortable with the idea of like ‘Well this person is the f***ed up one, and I’m not,’ but as the episodes go on he starts to realize ‘Oh, I’m just as worse or more f***ed up.'”

Here’s to another season of ups and downs, and a lot of LOLs.

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