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Forget Bags, Designer Fridges Are the New Must-Haves

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Are luxury refrigerators the ultimate new status symbols? As recently as yesterday we may have said there is absolutely, 100% no chance, but then, Dolce & Gabbana went and schooled us all by releasing the most decadent (like, $34,000 decadent) in cooling appliances, and now we can’t stop thinking about how plain and homely our own fridges seem. There are no hand painted florettes, no medieval battle scenes to behold—considering how much time we spend staring into the depths of our fridge, searching for the answers to all of life’s problems, you would think that we would all crave something a little more aesthetically pleasing to house our sustenance in. Suddenly this collaboration between bonafide luxury powerhouse D&G and appliance company Smeg (real name) no longer seems preposterous, but a glaring oversight by the rest of humanity.

Which brings us back to—are refrigerators the new designer closet? I’m sure this is a query which would make Carrie Bradshaw’s head explode, but truth be told, nothing dates Sex and the City more than the main characters total reluctance to engage in the culinary arts. The fact of the matter is, these days people enjoy cooking—specialty boutiques are of the meat and cheese variety, names like Le Creuset and Peugeot are synonymous with chic, and don’t even bother Instagramming your new shoe purchase if there isn’t a homemade matcha smoothie in the frame.

As in all other matters of life, a Hadid is leading the charge in the realm of designer refrigeration, with Gigi and Bella’s mom Yolanda showing off her custom, clear chill chamber all over the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She’s even created a separate Instagram account so that its immaculately curated contents can get the documentation they deserve.

If you still doubt the value of artisanal fridges, @yolandasfridge (what else?) will make you a believer:

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