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Forever 21’s Beauty Department is Surprisingly Great

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Forever 21 may be known for its trendy clothing at affordable prices, but its beauty department is just as impressive.

You’ve probably seen the aisle of doom while waiting to pay for your big clothing haul, filled with everything from sheet masks to lipsticks and even beauty tools that won’t break the bank. And while makeup at such low prices may seem dicey at first, believe us when we say they’re surprisingly good. Sure, the formulations may not be as advanced as luxury beauty brands, but if you’re looking for some cheap (but good) beauty buys, this is the place to go.

On the Canadian side, Forever 21’s beauty department includes makeup, skin care, hair care and accessories from its own line, as well as some offerings from K-beauty brands. None of the makeup is tested on animals and virtually everything is under $20.

Still not convinced? Check out 21 of our fave Forever 21 beauty buys below:

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