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Fall Beauty Routines Around the World


Here in Canada, we often associate fall with stunning colours as the leaves turn; pumpkin-flavoured everything and, the return of layers (and more layers) as temperatures begin to drop. For us Canadians this can mean anything from frosty gusts of wind to freezing rain to bright and sunny days spent outside. This translates into a somewhat erratic beauty regimen, as skin can be dry one day; then in need of serious SPF the next. Combine that with our need to repair after the damage of the summer months (we all love the sun) and autumn becomes the time to get into a healthy beauty routine.

Here in Canada we understand our seasons, but what happens when your fall is just as hot as summer, like in Egypt, or when it’s dry, cool and dusty, like in Uganda? Read on to learn how women around the world adjust their beauty routines for autumn.

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