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Everything we know about the upcoming iPhone 7

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If you’re in the market for a new phone, you might want to hold out until September. Rumour has it, Apple will be making its annual major announcement regarding the new model on September 7th.

While the launch of the iPhone SE last March fell short of expectations due to no mind-blowing new designs or features, judging by what’s swirling in the rumour mill lately, it looks like the upcoming September launch of the iPhone 7 will be a big one. But given that Apple has yet to confirm details, we decided to take matters into our own hands while we wait. We combed through all our fave tech-savvy sites to gather everything we’ve heard the newest phone will offer. If it’s like anything we’ve read so far, this one is going to be worth lining up for. So keep your eyes and ears peeled here, because you know we’ll be all over this.

Launch date
If the rumours are true, we’ll be probably see everyone lining up the eve of September 16th. So mark your calendars and pack your lawn chairs!

While it’s no revolutionary technology, given that a Samsung S7 can already be submerged under five feet of water for 30 minutes, we’re still psyched to know that it won’t be end of the world when our phones accidentally fall into the toilet and/or the pool.

Thinner design, including…
No more headphone jack! This rumour has been swirling around for quite some time. The iPhone 7 is said to support only bluetooth headphones or work via the Smart Connector (which has already been introduced in the iPad Pro to connect to accessories like the Smart Keyboard). Having no headphone jack might help with water resistance. While it’s inconvenient for all those who purchased new headphones in the past year, it does mean no more untangling of headphone wires.

Button-less design
Like Macbook’s trackpad, we hear the new iPhone will take away its home button and replace it with a pressure-sensitive one with TouchID built into the screen. That also means the possibility of a larger screen!

Even faster charging time
It’s rumoured that we will see faster charging times with the iPhone 7. And with the Smart Connector, this might also lead to wireless charging.

Dual-lens camera
Hello, perfect #selfies. Apparently, Apple will be unveiling dual-lens camera in the new iPhone 7 Plus (the only model that will offer this), which means multi-aperture cameras that will vastly improve image quality and low-light performance.

Larger memory
iPhone 7 will be phasing out its measly 16GB memory. With the memory storage starting at 32GB, we no longer have to show any restraint when it comes to selfies and Instagram videos.

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