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Emoji Sheet Masks Are as Terrifying as You’d Imagine

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Emoji merch has pretty much infiltrated our lives, whether it be in the form of pillows, phone cases or even pool accessories (hello, Kimoji butt float!). So it was only a matter of time before someone decided emoji sheet masks would be a good idea, because, you know, it capitalizes on two very hot commodities at the moment.

Considering how terrifying character masks are, however, you’d think the makers would realize that an emoji version would be equally as scary, but we guess it didn’t faze them because they are being sold and are popping up on our Instagram feeds.

Post run, face mask time! Finally using my emoji masque from @pressednc! I'm all heart eyes for it

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Taiwan-based Petite Amie Skincare is one of the brands responsible for creating these interesting masks. Their versions retail for $10USD a pop, with each mask offering specific benefits to match the emoji its emulating. For instance, the Blush Masque (which looks like the blushing emoji) is best for redness and sensitive skin, while the Cooling Masque (the red angry face) has aloe and pomegranate extract to help repair sun damage.

The official Emoji brand also has its own version with more emoji options, including the crying with tears of joy and the cat with heart eyes emojis (no word as to whether or not the benefits match the emotion, however).

creepy but cute #facemask #lifewithpeach #emoji #emojimovie #emojifacemask

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More like leatherface than #emojifacemask

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Eeriness aside, we guess they’re good for those people who want to emote using more than just their actual faces!

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