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Dree Hemingway Talks Coach, Crocs and Why Wearing Red Is the Best Medicine

75th Anniversary Coach Dree Hemingway Fashion Party Q&A

Dree Hemingway walks into the room and you know the coolest girl at the party has arrived. Dressed in red leather pants, a loose knit sweater and beat up Converse with hair spun into a tight blonde topknot, the knockout model and actress is the picture of effortless chic. She recently touched down in Toronto to celebrate Coach’s 75th anniversary and the launch of their beautiful coffee table book (where she makes a cameo). We sat down pre-party to talk about feelings, favourite sweaters and her epic bag collection.

How did you first get involved with Coach? It seems like you’re good friends with the designer Stuart Vevers.
I’ve known Stuart since he was at Loewe and he’s been one of my closest and dearest friends ever since. When I found out he got the Coach job I was really excited to have him in New York, I was like “you’re coming over!”

What do you love most about the brand?
It’s an iconic brand and I liked that it started as something really simple and has turned into a line known for beautiful leather bags. It has a fun British influence, it’s still chic but has that playful Wes Anderson edge.

You’re wearing a very cool, all red outfit today.
I watched Marina Abramovic’s documentary and when she’s not feeling well she wears all red. I have a bit of a cold and after our election, I’m channeling red too.

What are some of your favorite pieces in the collection for fall?

The sweaters are my favorite. They’re so well made and luxurious, but also really fun. I have some from his first collection including one with an American Flag, one in black and white and one with a dinosaur. I have yet to steal the car print.

How long does it generally take you to get ready in the morning? Do you give it a lot of thought?
No. And in fact, I was literally sitting on my bed until like 20 minutes before leaving for here and thought “oh shit, better go”. I think you should always go with your gut and I believe less is more.

Is there anything you would never wear?
I used to say I would never wear bodycon dresses but I did wear that to a wedding recently. I said I would never wear Crocs but I recently bought Crocs with shearling in them and they’ve become my favorite thing. I have actually worn them outside my house, which is super embarrassing, but they’re great.

You live between LA and New York. Do you dress differently depending on which city you’re in?
I used to but I think I’m starting to become more comfortable with my style. As I get older I just feel like I don’t need that separation.

You lived briefly in Vancouver and Montreal when you were a kid. What do you think about Canadian style?

I was so young when I lived in Canada that style didn’t really matter to me. I wore a lot of Old Navy and lime green ensembles. I’ve been to Toronto more recently and I think it’s great for vintage.

One last question. How many bags you have in your closet?
Too many! I can’t even tell you how many I have. I have one basket that sits on the floor that’s filled with 15 bags, there’s a cubby filled with 6 bigger ones, there’s another with 8 and then there’s some scattered around. Ask me how many I use. Like 3!

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