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December 2015 horoscopes: Stay sane during the holidays (for once)

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Happy Sagittarius season! I have always found it interesting that when we enter the season with the least amount of daylight (in the Northern hemisphere at least), we come to the sign of Sagittarius. Since this is a sign that never loses perspective, no matter how great the challenge, it suggests that this kind of hope is most possible when we are spending the greatest amount of time in darkness. There’s a simple symbolism in this balance – we find the most hope in the most challenging moments. Because of course, the winter solstice is the point of extreme that marks the beginning of more daylight and warmer days to come. This is why so many holidays around this time celebrate the return of the light and the certain warmth that can be found when it is cold and dark outside.

The new moon in Sagittarius happens on the 11th, and it is a springboard for your hopes and dreams. Believing that it is possible to make them a reality is the most important thing right now; doubt and a lack of self-confidence will stifle the amazing force of possibility. The full moon in Cancer on the 25th carries the perfect theme for Christmas day. It’s about celebration, family, eating delicious food, and being cozy at home. Don’t try to force anything that doesn’t come naturally here, but instead, embrace and accept what is there when you turn to it.

Illustrations by Stefanie Ayoub. Horoscopes by Aerin Fogel. For personal birth chart consultations, visit Aerin’s website.


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