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Celebrity Reactions to Brangelina’s Divorce

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It’s not often we relate to celebrities, but when our social feeds were flooded with news of Brangelina’s demise, we realized that celebs are just as heartbroken as we are. They, like us, had put the Mr. and Mrs. Smith actors on a pedestal and thought that the duo could overcome anything and everything—from adopting and giving birth to six children to Angelina’s mastectomy surgery to balancing the lives of two incredibly busy celebs. Oh, and then there is the humanitarian work to boot. Clearly, we let ourselves believe that the Jolie-Pitts were immune from the problems that plague “normal” people. Here, the top reactions from celebs:

CNN asked George Clooney, a pal of Brad’s, about the breakup at the UN General Assembly, and it was reportedly the first he had heard of the news. He tripped over his words and said “I feel very sorry to hear that,” and he seemed sincere.

Chrissy Teigen was also stunned. Not that she and John were friends with the couple.

Adele, the ultimate queen of breakup songs, dedicated her Madison Square Gardens show to them, saying it was “the end of an era.” Though people are laughing in the video, we still think they’re really quite sad.

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