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Cara Delevingne Has Written a “Twisty Coming-of-Age” Novel

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Model, actress, eyebrow icon and… author? Cara Delivingne proves it’s possible to do it all.

Fashion’s spunkiest sweetheart announced via Instagram that she has written her first novel, entitled Mirror, Mirror.

“Another pinch me moment!!” Delevingne wrote to her 38.1 million followers. According to her IG caption, Mirror, Mirror follows a group of three 16-year-old friends who “navigate the minefield” of high-school, friendships and relationships. You know, just your typical coming-of-age young adult literature type stuff.

“I love these characters so much, I love what they stand for, what this story represents,” the 24-year-old model said of the “life-changing process.”

Although Delevingne petitions that we should all “start one big virtual book club,” clearly she hasn’t heard that there’s already a well-established squad of celebs who have written novels for a teen audience. While we wait on Delevigne’s debut novel—out in October and available for pre-order now—here’s a roundup of YA books penned by the prettiest faces in Hollywood. They may not be Pulitzer prize winners, but they’ll make for a juicy beachside read.


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