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BTS for VMAs: The K-Pop Boy Group’s Fans Are at It Again

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It looks like BTS fans are onto their next mission: #BTSforVMAs.

After making history at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards and proving to the world how powerful the A.R.M.Y (a.k.a. BTS’s fan club) really is, the K-pop boy group’s passionate fans are rallying up their fellow Army members in hopes to get the boys not only invited to this year’s MTV Video Music Awards but also welcomed to perform on stage.


After making their mark at the BMAs with their groundbreaking Top Social Artist win, the group has been topping Google searches and getting a lot of attention. From hitting 6 million followers on Twitter to climbing the Billboard charts, it’s safe to say that BTS is the hottest boy group of the moment. They were even personally invited to Celine Dion’s concert by the diva herself. You know you’ve made it when…

With MTV’s VMAs approaching (fyi, it’s August 27), it looks like A.R.M.Y is trying to make history, again. And given their success rate, it might be within reach. With the response they received at the BMAs, we don’t see why MTV wouldn’t want to offer BTS the opportunity to show off their skills on the stage this time around. Since the VMAs are known for their epic performances (see: Rihanna at the 2016 VMAs), adding the first K-pop number to the night’s agenda would certainly up the ante. Also, might we add that the boy group’s current The Wings tour is set to wrap up end of July, so their August schedule is looking pretty open. #justsaying


Radio personality Mike Adam recently put a poll on Twitter to determine who fans would want to see perform at the VMAs, and, of course, BTS won by a mile.

Fans are really pushing hard for this to happen.

The nominations won’t be announced until end of July, so we’ll have to wait and see if MTV did in fact take notice. In the meantime,#BTSforVMAs FTW.

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