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Brace Yourselves – ASOS Is Trying To Make Male Chokers Happen

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We’re only four days into 2017, but the WTF fashion trends have already started emerging.

First up? Chokers … for men.

Yes, ASOS has decided that the choker trend should live on in 2017 (despite everyone else’s efforts to kill it), and that guys should get in on the action by putting up men’s chokers for sale.

The neck-hugging piece of jewellery comes in several different colours of velvet including pink, emerald green and black. And for guys who wanna get really fancy, they can try the two-pack set, the suede wraparound design, a paisley bandana style or even the studded leather version.

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And it looks like The Today Show’s Matt Lauer is already jumping on board the male choker train:

Naturally, the Twitterverse can’t handle ASOS’ newest piece of jewellery:

Here’s the thing: the trend isn’t exactly revolutionary. We saw male models wearing the ’90s-style necklace on the Louis Vuitton spring 2017 runway and Harry Styles donned one in his Another Man editorial last year. And let’s not forget about the K-Pop stars who wear chokers on the regular.

But as one Twitter user notes, is there really a difference between chokers for men and women, asides from maybe, the size? (No.) To ASOS’ defense, the chokers don’t actually have “male” in the name … but they are sold under the men’s section and are modelled by dudes.

As for our take? Well, we’re not against guys wearing them (except for maybe Matt Lauer), but we’re just kind of over chokers in general (especially after Taylor Swift dubbed them the new flowers crowns).

Here’s hoping the trend finally gets put to rest, for men and women.

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