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Artists, Rejoice! iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Will Inspire Your Art

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Coming from an art school background, but really not having picked up a pencil to draw in years, I was very curious about the iPad Pro. One of the main reasons I kind of fell away from making art was that the supplies, mess and general screw-ups were costly, and I had nothing to do with the art afterward (besides store in my parents basement).

So when I saw what the following artists and designers were doing with the new tablet, my art heart grew a few sizes.

Jon Burgerman
Award-winning purveyor of doodles whose work has an instantly recognizable, playful aesthetic, Burgerman uses iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and his finger to create doodles on the subway, physical stickers and now virtual sticker packs for iMessage as well, using the app Animation Creator HD to bring his characters to life.

James and monie.ka,  Hardgraft designers
The leather lifestyle accessory designers used the iPad Pro to design an entire line of goods, from a duffle bag in Italian suede to a backpack and even shoes.

Victor Sanz and Peter Wu, TUMI designers

The remium accessories designers created a line of bags and luggage using iPad Pro. They are still actively using iPad Pro in their design process.

Jorge Colombo, Illustrator and photographer
Jorge started finger-painting on an iPhone in 2009. His cover illustration for that year’s June issue of The New Yorker was the first for a major magazine to be created on an iPhone . Colombo currently works almost exclusively on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, creating illustrations for The New Yorker’s Bar Tab reviews, as well as illustrating magazines and catalogs all over the world. He is based in NYC, Europe and Chicago.

Here are some the specs in the new design:

Stunning 12.9-inch Retina display, which means that it will calibrate to the light you’re viewing it under, so colours are accurate AF.

Immersive four-speaker audio, so when you want to watch a video, it doesn’t sounds like a bottom-of-a-well audio file. I streamed the Presidential debate without issue (well, besides everything that Trump said).

With Split View on iPad Pro, you can go a step further and have two apps open and active at the same time. So you can work on a sketch with the reference photo beside it. Genius.

Incredibly thin and light design, so it can fit into most purses (Chanel 2.55 excluded).

Apple Pencil was my favourite part, as you can use pressure to create thicker or thinner lines, and use the side of the nib, how you would when shading! You can also rest your hand on the tablet while drawing and it won’t register on your work.

Smart Keyboard basically turns it into a tiny laptop with a magnetic snap, so you don’t think you’ve set it up and you actually haven’t. I tried it out recently and really felt like my tech-game was strong, and I wasn’t lugging around a heavy laptop.



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