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Are Fashion Illustrations the New Streetstyle?

Fall 2017 Fashion Fashion Illustration Klaxon Howl Markoo Pedram Karimi RE\SET Robin Kay Sid Neigum Stephanie Mckay The Collections Toronto fashion

Every facet of fashion is going high tech. From smart fabrics to computerized sketches, old school techniques are going the way of the dodo.

Case in point, Stephanie Mckay’s fashion illustrations from The Collections’ RE\SET Fashion shows in Toronto last night. No longer are artists frantically scribbling in notebooks and juggling pencils, crayons and charcoals as each outfit graces the runway. Instead, new mediums and techy tools are facilitating their craft. Digital brushstrokes can take on the fluidity of water colours or the sharpness of permanent marker (no art kit required), and are miles away from their pixelated past. Mckay’s illustrations on the iPad Pro bring to life all of the best moments of the night including designer presentations,  showroom finds and the best dressed show goers.

See all of the illustrated highlights from Day 1 at RE\SET here.

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