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Anastasia Steele Loves Glossier Just Like You Do

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Anastasia Steele may not be the average 20-something woman, but she does share one similarity to her millennial peers: her choice of makeup.

On Wednesday, Glossier announced that the character played by Dakota Johnson wore their Generation G lipstick in a Fifty Shades Darker scene.

The hue? Jam, a deep berry in a matte finish.

Anastasia Steele wears Generation G in Jam (!!) @fiftyshadesmovie

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Those of you who have tried Generation G lipstick, however, know that it’s pretty sheer, whereas Johnson’s lips look quite heavily pigmented in the masquerade scene where she wears the lippie. That’s because she wore a MAC Burgundy lip liner with Jam “through most of the movie,” according to a statement from Glossier sent via email to Racked.

As for the rest of her lip colours throughout the film, they consisted of more picks from MAC, ILIA and Anastasia Beverly Hills (ha!) for “the kissing moments,” according to Fifty Shades Darker makeup artist, Evelyne Noraz.

So maybe Anastasia isn’t entirely different than the rest of us. Except for the fact that, you know, she’s dating a BDSM-obsessed billionaire.


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