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An Erotic Fetish Model’s Guide to Camera-Ready Makeup

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It’s not too often that adult film stars get tapped for their insider beauty tips, but we’re about to crack that lid wide open. Step aside vloggers and self-proclaimed beauty buffs, we’re about to shake up your makeup routine. It seems like the most obvious fit, doesn’t it? With their wealth of camera-ready tips and tricks, why wouldn’t they be our go-to sources for beauty advice.

If you’re planning on turning up the dial on romance this month, take a few pointers from someone who seriously knows best. While women in the adult entertainment industry undoubtedly opt for heavier coverage than most, it’s their technique that’s often quite impeccable. Think cameras and close-ups that can be quite unforgiving if you happen to “miss a spot.” These women also know a thing or two about how to best correct, conceal and use colours to enhance what they’re already working with. So naturally we thought of no better time than now, see as how Valentine’s Day is coming up, to get advice from a woman who epitomizes that bad gal glow.

Meet Kira Star, an erotic fetish model who has made quite the splash in the adult entertainment industry. Beyond her professional obligation to uphold her appearance, Kira has always enjoyed the process of playing with makeup and putting herself together. “I realized early on, by age 14, how much of a difference makeup can have on people,” says Star. “Initially, my schoolmates would be jealous but soon started asking me about my approach to applying makeup.” Of course this attention would not only catapult her career, but help to shape it too. Star found her passion in cosmetics. “From the early days until now, I’ve used this attention and control to develop not just locally in my community, but ultimately it compelled me to create video clips specifically on the technique of applying makeup. Men really enjoy my choice of many different combinations of colours and styles of makeup, lipstick, and nails. I never realized that applying makeup could be such a strong fantasy, so I continued creating these clips.”

We talked to Star about how to inject spice into an ordinary makeup routine. Keep reading for her fave products and beauty tips.

How to get over camera shyness

It’s hard to know which products will help cover and conceal every insecurity you have before taking a racy selfie or getting on Skype, but with a little luck and a lot of patience, you can find the perfect formula for acing that glow. “Of course [I’ve] made mistakes, especially as the quality of the video camcorders have improved the picture so dramatically. With the high quality of these images, you have to be certain that the makeup is put on perfectly. Trial and error can be frustrating, but I’m always open to trying something if it’ll make a vast improvement.”

Ultimately, if you’re planning on taking a few pictures, or you just want to look camera-ready for a pending proposal (it could happen!), be sure to take a few test shots, play with the lighting and of course master your makeup.

Pre-filming grooming

Is waking up like this really all that it’s cracked up to be? There’s nothing worse than looking in the mirror and realizing that the person looking back at you is slightly less flawless than you thought. Luckily Kira Star has not only figured out her beauty routine, but completely owns it. “Initially, before you put on makeup, it’s important to have fresh and healthy skin. That requires a lot of work, and I love to spoil my body with natural products. I bathe in milk as often as possible, which results in my skin being very soft. I frequently do hair masks with many different oils. I also do body scrubs with products that contain coffee and honey, which I always do before and after shooting clips. Another important thing is to not forget about fitness. To that end, I work out in the gym and love to swim several hours a week. Additionally, I try and eat only healthy food and stay away from fatty and fried foods. Occasionally, I will visit the beauty salon if I think I need some professional work, and finally, I try and get sufficient sleep and enjoy my free time and relax as much as possible!”

It’s always important to remember that you should be taking care of your body from head to toe, always scrubbing, sloughing and slathering your day away. Drinking the recommended amount of water and switching from iceberg lettuce to kale isn’t the only answer.

Spicing up your makeup routine

Changing up your routine doesn’t require you to swap out your Taylor Swift-inspired red lips for rainbow roots and heavy black liner. There’s no need to change who you are to change up your routine. Keep this change straightforward and simple by working with similar shades and formulas that you know will enhance your look instead of totally reinventing it. Star notes, “For some girls, it may not be practical to do strong and heavy makeup, as it can look unrealistic. You want your makeup to complement your face and not the other way around. However, don’t be shy to line up the right makeup with the best parts of your face using bright colours. When you put on makeup, you need to know what zone of your face needs the [most] attention. If you would like plumper lips, you need that reflected with a brighter lipstick. Some of the newest and most popular colours are burgundy, chocolate, violet and orange. If you use these bright colours, it’s important to note that it’s best to apply light eye shadow so not to overwhelm the entire face. And if you are proud of your eyes and want to go heavier there, it’s best to reverse the procedure and tone down the lipstick.”

Always remember that applying makeup is a balancing act. You don’t need to scream to the world that you’re looking and feeling fresh. And just like that, your date attire can go from sultry to siren.

Below, Kira Star has rounded up her fave beauty products to use before she gets in front of the camera. (Disclaimer: many of Star’s faves are available in the UK, not Canada.)

1. Bourjois Clubbing Eye Liner
“I feel comfortable wearing this all day long. This brand of liner won’t let you down in warm weather and humid weather, and will hold the sharp lines. However, if you’ve never used the long brush before, it’ll take some time to practice!”

2. Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara
“This mascara is worthwhile as it actually highlights and lengthens lashes. However, at the end of a day, it can start to run and smudge. [However], after trying other brands, I [settled] on this one.”

3. Max Factor Lasting Performance 101 Ivory Beige
“This is one product that really lived up to its advertising and reputation. The foundation looks perfect on camera as it evens out the skin tone and hides almost all facial flaws. I would recommend this, but if you do try it, it’s best to apply to your skin when it’s slightly damp, and with a touch of cream. The foundation is heavy and if its not applied correctly, it can have the feel and effect of a mask.”

4. Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 Hour Lipstick in Cherry my “Cherie T34”:
“At this moment it’s my favourite lipstick and favourite colour. It applies pleasantly and it holds for a long time. The colour is matte and very attractive.”

5. M.A.C Cosmetics Eye Shadow in “Brule”:
“This is another brand I use for the basics; it’s perfect. This matte shadow gives a fresh and natural feel if applied correctly.”

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