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A Harry Potter-Themed Festival Is Coming to Canada

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Harry Potter fans, prepare to freak out. Canada is about to get a little magical. For those who have been dreaming of going to Los Angeles’s or Orlando’s Universal Studios to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, there’s no need to now because Goderich, a small town in Ontario (a three-hour drive from Toronto), has just announced that it will be hosting a Harry Potter-themed festival. We’re talking about a whole town being transformed into Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley for the second year in a row. Cue the angel music.

According to the official Facebook page, this is a fan-held event and is in no way associated with J.K. Rowling or the book publishing companies. The limited tickets to the event, priced from $15 to $20, will raise funds to help make improvements to the town, even though it’s been dubbed by the Queen as the prettiest town in Canada. But seeing that it was such a success last year, Goderich decided to bring it back this October.

So what does the festival entail? As of now, all we know is that there will be tons of magical events and Harry Potter-themed businesses opened. From quidditch tournaments to musical performances from bands like The Lovegoods and Tonks and The Aurors, this is honestly a Harry Potter fan’s dream come true.

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