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7 Famous Women on Their Biggest Beauty Regrets

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We all have beauty regrets; some might be from our distant past (over-plucking our brows in high school) and some, in the not-so-distant past (#neverforget last week’s tontouring mishap). In a never-ending effort to prove that they’re indeed just like us, we asked some famous women about their biggest beauty regrets.


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“I was into Manic Panic when I was fifteen. I would apply it like that [mimics haphazardly slapping it on her head] to the back of my head; a little patch of blue.” –Georgia May Jagger

1920's Hollywood bathroom that I dream of renting and making my home. Photo taken by my kween @hkuniansky

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“Picking my face, not wearing sunscreen. Growing up in California, I was tanning all the time, it’s just like, a part of the culture. Sun protection wasn’t a thing.” –Ryn Weaver

straight muggin @grantlegan

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“More sunscreen.” –Fergie

“I mean, the 80s were a bit of a dodgy period. I used to scrunch my hair really curly. And at the beginning of my teens I would wear a bit of green eyeliner, but not the most beautiful green.” –Charlotte Tilbury

“Over-plucking. Losing my eyebrows. Thank god they grew back.” –Elisha Cuthbert

“I did what I did and I can’t take it back. And I’ve done a lot of it.” –Katy Perry

“I think back then I could’ve told myself to play it safe, but instead I stuck to my guns. I just didn’t care what anybody thought, not even my parents. I’m really glad that happened, because who knows what I would look like now.” –Kat Von D

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