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5 Summer Lip Glosses That Don’t Suck

Beauty Caryl Baker Visage Chanel Clarins Lip gloss M.A.C Mary Kay Print edition Summer 2017

While matte lipstick has reigned for some time now, nothing screams summer more than gloss. However, somewhere along the way, lip gloss got a tacky reputation. It was more Lizzie McGuire than, like, Alexa Chung. (No shade, btw. Lizzie McGuire was an amazing show.)

But make no mistake about it: the new batch of lip glosses isn’t the frosted variety of your adolescence. This time around, glosses are loaded with pigment and shimmer-free shine for a look that’s both comfortable and Insta-worthy.

Browse the gallery below for our fave brightly coloured, super shiny glosses for summer.

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