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5 male makeup artists on YouTube who are currently slaying the game

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By now, you’re likely well-versed in YouTube and Instagram makeup artists and even have your faves. If not, we rounded up 10 must-watch tutorials that you need to see. However, if you don’t already, we strongly suggest you follow the dudes below for some amazing makeup tips and how-tos. The makeup tutorial world is no longer a female-only zone, and these guys can do a cut crease and fill in their brows better than anyone we’ve ever seen, tbh.

Keep scrolling for our picks of the best male makeup artists on YouTube who can teach you literally everything you need to know about a good face beat.

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Patrick Simondac (aka Patrick Starr)

Bio: “‘Makeup is a one size fits all.’ I love makeup, photography and YouTube! I want boys in beauty! I am a professional makeup and I want to share everything I know about makeup and beauty! I myself am always learning as well! In the makeup industry there is no degree of success and you will always learn something new- whether it is new trends or techniques! I absolutely love working with people and I especially enjoy doing others makeup here on my channel! If you see me, say hello!”

Manny Gutierrez

Bio: “My name is Manny (MannyMua) and I am a BOY BEAUTY VLOGGER!!! Whatttt theres such a thing?! Yes there isss mamma yas there isss. Im a very fun loving, outgoing, kind spirited person. This beauty channel is where I teach tutorials, create favorites videos, tags, shenanigans that go on in my life, etc. I hope you guys can join me in this crazy adventure that is Youtube and the beauty world. I am constantly learning and growing with you guys! Honestly I believe that men can wear makeup, teach makeup, and vlog about it just as much as girls can and I am fighting for that equality with my channel.”

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Angel Merino

Bio: “Professional makeup artist based out of So. Cal (IE, LA, OC) ‘Big dreams, small pores!'”

Wayne Goss

Bio: “Love makeup? Want to improve your makeup skills? Interested in becoming a makeup artist? Or just want honest reviews on the brands you most love. Then welcome to my channel. With 15 years makeup experience i want to share with you everything i’ve learned. By breaking things down into simple, easy manageable segments, even the most complicated looks become easy.”

Jean Francois

Bio: “I am a passionate, self-taught Canadian makeup artist & YouTube personality. After conquering my nerves, I began posting videos on YouTube 5 years ago and has been growing ever since. My motivation is to help both men and women find confidence in themselves and let their inner beauty show.”

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