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2015 in review: The best beauty tips we learned from celebrities this year

2015 Beauty beauty tips celebrity beauty Year in Review

Here at FASHION we get to chat with some of the coolest (and most gorgeous) celebs in the world. It’s a hard job but someone’s gotta do it. Today, we’re looking back on a handful of the best beauty tips, hacks, and stories we’ve heard from them in the past year. From ensuring your SPF game is strong to hitting up the cryo chambers, we’ve got you armed and ready with beauty intel so you can look your best come 2016.

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“Don’t touch your eyebrows ever. Always love your brows. I have really thick eyebrows and I got made fun of for them at school and now look at me! Everyone’s like ‘You have great eyebrows!’ So don’t touch them!” —Taylor Hill

“Someone taught me that everyone has one bigger eye, and I definitely have that—it comes out in pictures. So you can make the bigger eye look a little bit smaller, and the smaller eye a bit bigger by using eyeliner.” —Suki Waterhouse

“[I carry] fresh lemon water, because it alkalizes the system, it’s anti-cancerous and also it speeds up the metabolism, and it’s light and refreshing.” —Charlotte Tilbury

“My [mom] was practical. When she let me colour my hair at 10 years old it was a rinse. It lasted a couple of days and it was something she thought would be fun for us to do. When my brother wanted to be Flash Gordon she would put Sun-In in his hair and wash it out. She was a fun mom.” —Christina Hendricks  

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“Running and lifting weights doesn’t make me excited or happy in any way. So I started boxing and that became my new sport—the thing that I wake up on my days off wanting to do and wanting to get better at. I go to Gotham Gym in New York and my trainer hired all these super cool guys who are like my big brothers, so it’s awesome.” —Gigi Hadid

“Sometimes if I’ve had a long day it’s nice to be able to sit in the makeup chair and be pampered and have my hair and makeup done. But if I have time and I’m relaxed, I’ll put on some music, and do it [myself]. I like doing it. It’s like art. It’s a fun little ritual.”—Fergie

I grew up on the beach. The old beauty norm, to me at least, was the girls who walked around with their super-tanned bodies and bathing suits, hanging out at the beach. I used to lay out all the time to tan. Sun protection wasn’t a thing [back then]. Not wearing sunscreen is my biggest regret. Oh, and plucking my eyebrows when I was young. That was the look! Those skinny little eyebrows.” —Ryn Weaver

“I sleep a lot and drink a lot of coconut water. I use a cucumber mask—that’s the only thing I do to my face because I don’t like a lot of product; [my face] is already tired of makeup.” — Lais Ribeiro

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“I tried cryotherapy because Lily Aldridge told me about it. I like to try things at least once. She was like ‘It tightens everything up and it’s only 3 minutes.’ You feel every second of those 3 minutes. Especially me—I hate cold, being from Puerto Rico. I was freezing. But after I felt so good and refreshed and I was like ‘Okay, it wasn’t that bad!” —Joan Smalls

“I love doing sheet masks, especially when I’m in a hotel room or when I’m flying. People next to me on the flight think I’m crazy, but I’ll have it on the whole time.” —Behati Prinsloo

“Red lipstick [is] just sexy to me. Any time.”—Adriana Lima    

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“I wear SPF 50 everyday. When I go to the beach I wear a hat, glasses and always have my shoulders covered. I’ve worked with the cancer institute in Australia because I think it’s important people are aware of how damaging it can be. My dad suffered from skin cancer so it’s pretty close to my family.”—Nicole Warne, Gary Pepper Girl

“I can do liquid liner, I can use a shadow stick, I can do a red lip, [but] I’m not very good at a black smoky eye. I wouldn’t be able to do a powder or shadow very easily.” —Georgia May Jagger

“I think [French beauty is] a bit overrated. It’s true that there’s something about effortlessness. It’s cool, it’s nice. You’re being yourself and not trying to look like a picture in a magazine. But at the same time, the problem is that in France, I feel like people are too afraid to be playful.” —Alma Jodorowsky

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“As a blonde, it’s very hard to look after your hair. It’s one of the few reasons why I cut it off. You really have to make sure you look after it. [Olaplex has] made my hair so much thicker.” —Rita Ora

“I’ve been lasering and I recommend it. It may be expensive but it’s worth it and you don’t have to get waxed again. And you’re never going to miss that hair. So, laser all the way.” —Martha Hunt

My favourite scent is amber. My dad wears a lot of it. That’s why I’m very attracted to heavy scents, like amber and musk. I love the way my dad smells and those scents just bring me home.” —Alexandra Richards

“I like to steam a lot. Steaming’s really good for your skin. Steam and sauna.” —Lily Donaldson

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“[When I was] 8 years old, I got a book that was all about making your own treatments, like masks and things like that, out of products that were in your kitchen. I just loved the spa-like feeling of all of that. As I got older I really started learning about skincare and taking care of my skin.” —Demi Lovato

“I use Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer before shoots and stuff because it protects your hair up to 450 degrees. My hair’s quite fragile ’cause I’ve been bleaching it for three and a half years.” —Soo Joo Park

“I dry body brush each morning which is a great way to increase circulation, remove dead skin cells, aide lymphatic drainage and keep your skin smooth all over. I then have a quick and simple routine for my face, neck and décolletage of cleanse, mist/tone and moisturize, which I do morning and night.” —Miranda Kerr

“I think it’s super important to exfoliate. Any kind of sugar one is nice. I make them at home all the time.” —Lily Aldridge

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