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14 Pretty Pieces In Holt Renfrew’s Feel Good “H Project”

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The H Project is Holt Renfrew’s funky shop-in-shop, but it’s also an ongoing charitable initiative that pairs designers with traditional products and artisans working in more remote parts of the world. After seeing another designer, Andrea Lenczner of Smythe, wearing Brunswick+Co.’s “Beach bag,” on a research trip to Bolivia, Alexandra Weston and the H Project team asked the design duo of Alison Lovell and Alison Booth to recreate that bag for Uncrate South America. Lovell and Booth used blankets purchased at local markets in La Paz, Bolivia. “We spread out every blanket to determine what its personality is,” says Booth. “We then spent hours using tape and string to determine how to use as much of the fabric as possible. Any remnants were turned into pouches and purses.” The result is a limited collection of bags that have their own unique and contemporary twists. “I’ve had a long obsession with pom-poms,” says Lovell, who worked with Toronto sewers to stitch on the hot pink strands. “It seemed like the perfect modern complement,” says Booth, adding that this particular Blanket bag is reversible. “If your mood changes, you can flip it over and be more neutral.”

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